Webinar Sept 11 – A Novel Approach to the Analytic Sandbox Challenge

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August 30, 2012
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Webinar Sept 11 – A Novel Approach to the Analytic Sandbox Challenge

Sept. 11 @ 4 ET

A Novel Approach to the Analytic Sandbox Challenge
The Briefing Room with Rick Sherman and Composite Software


The analytics development process involves a wide range of requirements, any one of which can prove challenging. First you identify the best sources, then secure access; then there’s transforming, mixing, mashing and moving the data to an analytic sandbox. All this occurs before you can build the analytic models. Analysts are frustrated by “the data problem” yet they seem resigned to all this time and effort. Increasingly, innovative organizations are using data virtualization as a faster path to analytic sandboxes, thus expediting business impact.

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 of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran analyst and practitioner Rick Sherman of Athena IT Solutions, who will explain
how advances in data virtualization have opened up new ways of designing, building and maintaining analytic sandboxes. Sherman will be briefed by David Besemer, CTO of Composite Software, who will show how his company’s virtualization platform can be used to enable these critical analytic needs. Besemer will also provide real-world examples of success stories, as well as his take on what the future holds.

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