“The Briefing Room” with Rick Sherman and Information Builders 11/15/2011 4pm

Temporal and Bitemporal Data
November 7, 2011
MDM Goes Beyond the Data Warehouse
December 27, 2011
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“The Briefing Room” with Rick Sherman and Information Builders 11/15/2011 4pm

Registration“Convergence: The Nexus of Data and Process with MDM”‘

The concept of Master Data Management is truly pervasive, because it touches every corner of the enterprise. The optimal location of an MDM hub is the center of your information architecture. While each implementation is different, all tend to converge at the nexus of data and process. For companies with a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), that place is often called the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn how efficient use of MDM can enable the simultaneous accomplishment of several key objectives, including Data Quality and the overall improvement of operational efficiency. Consultant Rick Sherman will share his thoughts on creative ways to leverage MDM for a wide range of benefits. He’ll be briefed by Vincent Lam and Jake Freivald of Information Builders, who will tout their integration platform.

All episodes of The Briefing Room feature a 5-minute introduction by Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh, followed by a 20-min technical vendor presentation, a 5-min analyst response, and then a live, unscripted briefing between the vendor, analyst and audience.


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