Solving your application and data integration challenges

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January 26, 2010
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February 2, 2010
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Solving your application and data integration challenges

My new video with

Solving your application and data integration challenges

Because of the poor economy and corporate demands to increase revenue
while cutting costs, business users are asking for more information now
than ever before.
The benefits of making more data available via a strong integration
process are obvious, but many companies continue to
struggle to solve their integration problems.

In this video interview, we discuss the pros and cons of
different integration technologies as well as service-oriented
architectures (SOA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software,
and the most successful integration tools for
businesses. We also discuss how to overcome application and data
integration challenges, build a business case for integration projects
and show return on investment (ROI) on your integration

In this 11-minute videocast, viewers will learn:

  • Why application and data integration challenges are so prevalent
    in companies today, and the benefits of successful integration
  • Why technologies such as SOA and ERP have failed to deliver on their promises of integration harmony
  • The types of data and application integration technologies that are successful and making a difference in businesses
  • Why hand-coding is a less desirable approach than using packaged extract, transform and load (ETL) tools
  • How technical and IT professionals should tackle integration challenges and problems
  • How to build a business case and show ROI for data and application integration projects

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  1. I found your blog only today, but I feel that it helps me a lot in my business in fact. Thanks for the link to the video. A very useful material to learn and implement.
    Keep posting more like this.

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