What is a data warehouse? Do we need one? What's so great about it? How does it affect my business, my department, and my job?

Assuming no prior experience in data warehousing, this course will help attendees understand data warehouse basics and benefits, and how a data warehouse can affect their jobs.

It provides a functional understanding of the ROI of a data warehouse, data wareouse basics, project management, architecture, critical success factors, risk factors, design, process, and tools. It also explains how a business intelligence system can use a data warehouse to deliver a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Using real-world experience, the instructor provides recommendations for getting started, including how to make sure that your objectives and needs are met. It provides an overview of the process that IT will go through on the data warehouse project so business users will know what to expect.

Who Should Attend:

Business users, sponsors, non-technical project managers, anyone who needs to learn the basics of data warehousing.



What You Will Learn:

  • Concepts, terminology, and processes of data warehousing and business intelligence
  • How a data warehouse fits in with other sources of information you're already using
  • Architecture overview - how a data warehouse is built
  • Challenges, success and risk factors of data warehousing
  • How to get a positive ROI on your data warehouse