Knowledge comes from information, and that, in turn, comes from data.  Your company may be overwhelmed by the deluge of data, which is coming from all directions. But this raw data is not useful by itself. 

BI tames the deluge of data and presents it to business people with tools and dashboards that allow them to use it to gain knowledge.  It turns that raw data into actionable information.

Data needs to be transformed to make it clean, consistent, conformed, current and comprehensive – the 5Cs of data.  It’s up to a BI team to gather and manage the data to empower the company’s business groups with the information they need to gain knowledge – knowledge that helps them make informed decisions about every step the company takes.

How we've helped others with their business intelligence needs:

  • Developed an extensive BI solution for a multi-billion dollar software company, providing them with a complete view of their customers, including lifetime value.
  • Worked with an emerging software-as-a-service provider to create a BI solution that allowed their customers to use their product to access relevent HR data.
  • Designed and implemented a solution for a major insurance company that gave them more insight into all their lines of business, allowing them to discern how external events and customer demographics affected revenue and profitability.