Business groups in enterprises in all industries are using spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and personal databases (Microsoft Access and sometimes SAS) to perform much of their business analysis.

They use these data shadow systems (also called spreadmarts) to find, gather, transform, analyze and report on the performance metrics they need. It is not uncommon for dozens of personal databases and spreadsheets to be used to perform just one analysis — not the most efficient use of anyone's resources.

Athena IT Solutions will work with business groups and IT to identify where the data shadow systems are and what business purposes they fulfill. We work both with the business people involved with these data shadow systems and the IT groups supporting the enterprise applications and data warehousing environments.

Our goal is to improve the business ROI of your information assets by leveraging the existing business value of the data shadow systems and determining how to increase the business value of these systems, as well as improve both business and IT productivity.