Self-Service BI and Analytics

The goal of self-service BI is to enable business people to perform business analytics quickly and independently without getting stuck in the long queue of their IT group’s projects.

But it’s a lot more than just buying a magic tool and telling the IT group to step aside. For the analytics to have true business value, people must be using information that is consistent, comprehensive, correct and current. Most business users will say that they also need:

  • More pervasive and in-depth use of analytics in decision-making
  • Reduced time to insight
  • Improved business and IT productivity

We understand that business people have different degrees of analytics needs and skills, need to use a diverse data types and volumes, and are trying to answer a wide variety of business questions.  We never assume that a single BI analytical style or tool can solve everyone’s problems.

How we've helped others with their self-service BI and analytics needs

  • Developed a BI solution to enable a consumer products company to better analyze their regular and seasonal products based on customers, demographics, seasonality and other factors
  • Created a solution for a web advertiser that allowed them to analyze their campaigns in respect to usage, cost, and profitability. This made their bidding cycle shorter and more efficient, improved their selection and management of campaigns and increased profitability.