Public DW/BI Courses in March

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February 27, 2008
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March 4, 2008
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Public DW/BI Courses in March

Below are our public courses for March. If you don’t live in the Boston area or don’t
want to get on a plane, we also offer onsite data warehousing courses (which can be customized to match the unique issues you’re facing). Send me an email for details.

Course: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Project Management
March 10 – 11   

Learn the
skills you need to usher your projects through all phases of planning and
implementation. The course provides a solid basis on: test data, metadata planning,
data stewardship, governance, backup planning, ROI measurement, documentation,
support preparation, user training, communications planning, and other elements
of a successful data warehouse.

Course Description

Course: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Architecture
24 – 25    

Learn basic
architectural concepts;  industry
terminology; data integration; hub-and-spoke, federated, and independent
architectures; top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid data warehousing methodologies;
project management implications of various approaches; how to determine the
best-fit architecture and methodology for your data warehousing program; best
practices; and industry trends.   

Course Description

And, coming up in April:

Course: Fundamentals 
of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

April 10-11

Learn basic
concepts of business intelligence and data warehousing; industry terminology; critical
success factors & risks; business intelligence applications, uses and users;
data Integration Framework (DIF); data warehousing & business intelligence
development processes; culture, politics & organizations; best practices;
and industry trends.

Course Description

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