Podcast: New technologies, techniques for on-premise and SaaS data integration

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February 2, 2010
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Podcast: New technologies, techniques for on-premise and SaaS data integration

My latest podcast: New technologies, techniques for on-premise and SaaS data integration

Software as a Service (SaaS) data integration is an
emerging technology some companies are turning to for solving their data
integration challenges and problems. But is SaaS data integration right
for your business or is traditional, on-premise data integration
software a better fit?

To get you on the right track with SaaS data integration technology, this podcast discusses the current
and future state of SaaS integration, how it compares to on-premise data
integration technology in more. Learn about the pros and cons of
different approaches to SaaS and on-premise data integration, including
on-premise vs. hosted middleware and internal integration vs. hiring a
services provider. Also, get an expert take on the types of SaaS
integration tools that are available and the key questions you should
ask vendors.

In this twelve-minute podcast listeners will:

  • Learn about the current state of SaaS data integration technology,
    it’s current maturity level and how it compares to on-premise
    integration products (1:06)
  • Find out if SaaS data integration is still geared to small and
    midsize businesses or if enterprises can also benefit from the
    technology (3:25)
  • Hear about pros and cons of using SaaS integration tools as opposed
    to on-premise software and some key items to consider when deciding on
    which to go with (5:18)
  • Learn if their data integration work should be conducted by an
    internal team or outsources to an integration services provider (6:36)
  • Hear key questions to ask SaaS data integration vendors during the
    software evaluation phase of the implementation (7:47)
  • Other SaaS data integration concepts and things to consider (9:14)

Download: New
technologies, techniques for on-premise and SaaS data integration

1 Comment

  1. Rick, I really enjoyed the podcast. Good points about the evolution of SaaS integration solutions from SMB to the enterprise, the decision matrix, and the need for data integration breadth.
    I think you might also talk a bit more about the skill-set of the users and/or IT resources required in a cloud integration solution. At Informatica, we’ve seen a need for self-service for the line of business, who are typically quite involved in the SaaS application implementation. They need a very easy to use interface, but of course also need flexible scheduling and high performance. At the same time, the IT organization must be able to govern and control what they’re doing as well as extend the capabilities of the cloud service, leveraging the tools and technologies they’re already using in house.
    It’s an interesting and emerging market and it’s great to see you’re digging in and discussing the opportunities and challenges.
    Informatica Cloud

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