Operational BI process puts better business practices within reach

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February 5, 2015
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Operational BI process puts better business practices within reach

published in SearchDataManagementA new interview with me on TechTarget:

As organizations increasingly look to use data analytics to help drive their business operations, accelerate decision making and improve their ability to respond to changing conditions, operational business intelligence tools and techniques have become much more mainstream, according to Rick Sherman, founder of consultancy Athena IT Solutions in Maynard, Mass. and author of the Business Intelligence Guidebook – From Data Integration to Analytics.  Operational BI is also becoming a more necessary component of running a business no matter what size a company is, Sherman said in an interview with SearchBusinessAnalytics.

At its most basic level, operational BI enables corporate executives and other end users “to look at how their business processes are running,” Sherman said. More advanced deployments can feed BI data directly to operational workers and automate both the analytics process and the business decisions that are based on what it finds. He noted that operational BI doesn’t have to be a real-time analytics initiative — “but it usually is.”

In the interview, Sherman also talked about the business benefits and potential problems that can result from operational business intelligence efforts, as well as emerging trends and best practices for successful deployments.

The interview answers these questions:

What kinds of challenges do operational BI initiatives pose that prospective users should know about?

Can you list some best-practice steps that project managers should take to help make operational BI deployments successful?

What are some noteworthy trends that are emerging in operational intelligence now?

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