Master Data Management in Data Migration

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May 2, 2007
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May 9, 2007
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Master Data Management in Data Migration

Heads-up on a new Aberdeen study: Master Data Management in Data Migration.

The study will analyze the labor and cost benefits as well as the
improved value and usability of the resulting database when Master Data
Management (MDM) strategies are employed before, during and after a
data migration project. The goal is to prove or disprove that companies
that implement a MDM strategy have more efficient data migration
processes. Whether driven by a merger or acquisition, a system upgrade,
a move to SOA, or a BPM initiative, data migration is a necessary step
in achieving the business goal. Aberdeen research reveals that 98% of
companies struggle with data quality, data integration, and data
communication issues; yet less than half have made any investment in
Master Data Management (MDM) tools. One-hundred (100) percent of
Best-in-Class (BIC) companies have seen a greater than 50% improvement
in on-time and on-budget completion of data migration projects, upon
implementing a master data management strategy. Applying MDM tools and
best practices can turn a data migration nightmare into a winning

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