Leveraging today’s cloud data management technology and tools

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June 21, 2010
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Leveraging today’s cloud data management technology and tools

Cloud_computing You can now listen to my latest podcast, Leveraging today’s cloud data management technology and tools.

The abstract:

Cloud databases are widely available, and data integration and data quality vendors are beginning to offer cloud-based versions of their tools. The big questions: are IT departments ready for cloud data management, and can they actually benefit from moving data storage as well as data integration and data quality functions to the cloud?

This podcast interview with Rick Sherman of Athena IT Solutions assesses the current state and potential future of cloud data management. It also provides expert advice on how to decide whether the cloud approach is right for an organization and how to develop strategies for taking advantage of cloud data management technologies.

In the 20-minute podcast, listeners will hear:

  • An overview of the current functionality and maturity of cloud data management tools and whether they’re ready for widespread use (01:24)
  • An assessment of how ready and willing IT departments are to move data management functions to the cloud (04:38)
  • A discussion of the potential benefits and challenges of cloud data management, including integrating cloud-based technologies with on-premise systems (07:00)
  • Tips on how to evaluate whether a cloud-based data management approach is a good fit for an organization (10:16)
  •  Insight into the future development and adoption of cloud data management technologies (15:10)

listen to the podcast

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