White Papers

Athena IT Solutions will write business intelligence and data warehousing white papers to cover an industry topic or market segment that will be of interest to your customers and prospects.

Generally, there will be two major sections to the white paper. The first section will describe the problems or opportunities covered by the topic along with the approach to provide solutions. The second section will position your product within that solution and how it will benefit your customers and prospects.

White papers aid your customers and prospects to better understand how to address their problems and use your product as part of their solution. White papers provide excellent marketing and pre-sales collateral, as well as assisting your staff to understand how to position your product beyond the industry hype and buzzwords.

Our BI white papers are generally 10 to 20 pages in length. White papers may also be the basis for a seminar or user group presentation.

Examples of our BI and data warehousing white papers:

Composite Software: Analytics Best Practices: The Analytical Hub

Composite Software: Analytics Best Practices: The Analytical Sandbox

Composite Software: A Better Way to Fuel Analytical Needs

Expressor: Data Integration: Increasing its Success and ROI

Cosort: Breaking the Data Integration Bottleneck: Accelerating DW, BI, MDM, CDI, and CPM Operations

TDWI Best Practices Report: Dealing with Spreadmarts: Strategies for Migrating to a Managed BI Environment

Informatica: A Case for Assessing Your Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Readiness - Driving Competitive Advantage through Increased EDW Maturity

Ten Principles for Increasing the Business Value of Your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Investments

Board MIT: Improve Your Data Shadow Systems