How to Boost Service, Cut Costs and Deliver Great Customer Experiences – Even in an Economic Downturn

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April 3, 2009
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April 8, 2009
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How to Boost Service, Cut Costs and Deliver Great Customer Experiences – Even in an Economic Downturn

SmartData Collective and Teradata Corporation present a free webinar:

How to Boost Service, Cut Costs and Deliver Great Customer Experiences – Even in an Economic Downturn

April 16, 2009 – 11 a.m. EST


The paradox of tougher economic times is that customers demand more value, not less, at exactly the moment companies are looking for more cost-effective ways to deliver service. Web and mobile technologies provide important avenues to both savings and quality but the key to success remains knowing more about your existing and potential customers than your competitors do. To win the business of today's mobile, tech-savvy, product-educated, value-conscious customers you have to dig deeper, think harder, and truly understand their preferences and behavior. You have to deliver a customer experience that is superior to one they can get somewhere else or you'll lose their business.

In this webinar a panel of experts will discuss how technology can not only help you provide an experience that customers will love, but cut costs and help you differentiate your communications strategies from your competition.

Tune in to a live interactive discussion with a panel of sales experts, and get your questions answered. Don't miss your chance to hear from:

Dave Schrader, Teradata

Dr. Dave Schrader is a Marketing Director for the Teradata Solutions group, responsible for marketing the Active Enterprise Intelligence initiative. Dave joined NCR in 1991 and held various positions in Engineering – Advanced Development until 1998 when he moved into Marketing. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue, and has published widely on Customer Management.

Lisa Loftis, CRM and BI Expert

Lisa Loftis is a CRM and BI expert with 20+ years experience helping organizations adopt a customer focus. Lisa has a strong background in the application of CRM and BI principles in the Banking, Investment, Insurance, Telecomm, Retail, Utilities, Entertainment, Manufacturing and Distribution, and other industries, and recently co-authored Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise

Curtis Rapp, Air2Web

Curtis Rapp, Air2Web's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, brings more than 20 years of experience in executive sales management creating and developing high performance sales processes at start-ups and established organizations. Previous executive and senior level positions held by Rapp include posts at Omnilink, Interwoven, MAPICS and IBM.

Rebecca Bucnis, Teradata

Rebecca Bucnis, Global Program Director for Teradata, is a marketing specialist currently responsible for program execution for Retail Customer Management Solutions, active enterprise intelligence and emerging technology solutions. She derives her expertise from over 15 years of consulting and direct positions with retailers and travel and hospitality companies.

Register now and get your questions answered:

  • How is the current economy changing customer expectations?
  • How does the digital era change the way customers engage with your company?
  • How does one balance the need to control and cut costs with the need for more customer insight and improved experiences?
  • Where do I start? What are some of the must-have processes and technologies for engaging with customers?

Everyone who registers will also receive a free copy of "Ringing in the Customers: Harnessing the power of Mobile Marketing," a whitepaper by Lisa Loftis.

Brought to you by SmartData Collective and Teradata Corporation.

Welcome to the conversation.

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  1. Rick, thanks for posting this… just so everyone knows, this will be live, and interactive, and a great way to connect with smart people to get your questions answered. No holds barred!

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