Five technology trends for improved business intelligence performance

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November 10, 2009
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November 17, 2009
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Five technology trends for improved business intelligence performance

published in SearchDataManagementThe demand for business intelligence data only continues to increase, putting BI vendors and practitioners under the gun to develop new technologies and improve existing processes in order to boost the performance of BI systems and maximize their return on investment.

The good news is that the surge in BI development, driven partly by the various mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the industry over the past few years, is providing BI users with better tools than they previously had access to. And several major BI trends are helping savvy companies deliver the analytical data their business users need without clogging up system performance.

In this E-Book, data warehousing and BI expert Rick Sherman explains how you can take advantage of these trends to ensure that you get the right information to the right people at the right times, so they can make the best possible decisions.

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