Discount on my Online DW and BI Data Modeling Course

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October 28, 2009
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November 4, 2009
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Discount on my Online DW and BI Data Modeling Course

My new DW and BI Data Modeling course is now available on ELearningCurve. This is a great bargain compared to traveling to a conference. From now until November 6 you can get a 20% discount by using the coupon code DM0420.  

A well designed data model is the cornerstone to building business intelligence and data warehouse applications that provide significant business value.  My DW and BI Data Modeling course will help you:

  • understand what Logical Data Modeling is, its goals, and its components
  • know the basics of Entity-Relationship (ER) and dimensional modeling
  • understand how to benefits of and applicability of Dimensional Data Modeling
  • be able to create a Dimensional Data Models for BI & DW applications
  • be positioned to learn more about Data Modeling

Click for a preview of the introduction and to learn more.

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