Diplomatically dealing with Excel in the enterprise

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November 9, 2006
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November 15, 2006
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Diplomatically dealing with Excel in the enterprise

Is there a happy medium between business users who want to see their data in Excel and data warehouse managers who want the enterprise using "real" BI tools?

Hannah Smalltree interviewed me for the article she wrote on this dilemma for SearchDataManagement.com: Diplomatically dealing with Excel in the enterprise.  As she writes, "Business and finance users like Excel’s familiar features and say IT hasn’t yet been able to give them a better tool. On the flip side, IT users lament Excel’s ability to exacerbate data integrity problems and wonder why business users insist on using spreadsheets rather than the business intelligence (BI) tools they’re given."Crown

Speaking of Microsoft, data warehousing, and the enterprise, see my previous article for  SearchCRM: Microsoft Excel – The King of BI


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