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September 3, 2015

Join us for the Boston TDWI meeting Sept 15

The Boston-based TDWI chapter is excited to present Mark Madsen, a thought-after speaker on all things BI, as our headline speaker for the September TDWI Boston meeting. […]
September 1, 2015

Data virtualization tools move into strategic IT realm

I was recently interviewed by to discuss how data virtualization technology is moving into the strategic realm for CIOs, why this is happening, and the […]
June 23, 2015

A Revolutionary Approach to Modernizing the Data Warehouse

Please join me — I'll be speaking at this webinar on Thursday June 25, 4:00 ET. Details: Hot Technologies with Dr. Robin Bloor, Rick Sherman and […]
May 11, 2015

Data Summit 2015 – NYC

I’m speaking at Data Summit 2015 on Tuesday May 12 in New York. If you’re attending, please come to my session and say hello! B102: Creating […]
April 2, 2015

Data Visualization and the New York Times

The New York Times article “Learning to See Data ”  discusses novel ways of gleaning valuable insights from the deluge of data by presenting it visually. […]
March 30, 2015

Data – Spreads like Kudzu, but Smells like a Rose

note: don’t miss the link below to download a chapter of the BI Guidebook – From Data Integration to Analytics on Reed Elsivier’s SciTech Connect blog. […]
February 17, 2015

Operational BI process puts better business practices within reach

A new interview with me on TechTarget: As organizations increasingly look to use data analytics to help drive their business operations, accelerate decision making and improve […]
February 5, 2015

Upcoming TDWI Speakers in Boston

The other TDWI Boston chapter officers and I hope you will be able to carve out some time and attend one or more of our chapter […]
January 29, 2015

BI & Analytic Trends of 2015 – Best Business Value – Storyboarding becomes best practice for BI design

This is the second in the series of posts on best business value. 2)  Storyboarding becomes best practice for BI design Typically BI applications are designed […]
January 28, 2015

BI & Analytic Trends for Business Value

As mentioned in my post BI & Analytic Trends of 2015 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, while the hyped industry trends get all […]
January 9, 2015

BI & Analytic Trends of 2015 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s the time of year when analysts, consultants, vendors and industry pundits publish their predictions on the trends that they feel will have significant impact on […]
December 24, 2014

Santa’s List from a BI Consultant

I’ ve written several times to Santa while I have been working in the BI industry. Previously from a BI director’s, DW manager’s and enterprise data modeler’s […]
December 5, 2014

Exaggerated Rumors? Will We Finally Put ETL to REST?

Join me for a DM Radio broadcast: Exaggerated Rumors? Will We Finally Put ETL to REST? When: December 11, 2014, 03:00PM ET Register The pervasive practice […]
November 28, 2014

New developments make data integration a businesswide effort

Data integration software is now much more than just extract, transform and load tools — it encompasses a wide range of platforms and technologies supporting real-time […]
October 1, 2014

Is the term “big data” meaningless?

Reposted from SearchDataManagement. View the video. What constitutes big data is often a matter of individual choice. Different people have different ideas about what it is […]
September 29, 2014

TDWI Boston Oct 2: Data Governance Best Practices & Data Science Career Advice

Data governance is not always a necessary evil. In a lot of cases a well designed data governance program can provide critical support in the area […]
September 17, 2014

Big Data is not the only game in town

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was […]
September 15, 2014

Hadoop projects should start with real business need

Hadoop is big with big data vendors — and some users, particularly Internet companies looking to collect and store large amounts of Web data. But in […]
August 19, 2014

The Shadow Knows! The Pros and Cons of Shadow Systems

DM Radio, Thursday August 21 3:00 EST When business pros can’t get the functionality they really want from IT, they often go rogue. That’s where shadow […]
July 21, 2014

Design a business intelligence system properly — for business users

What are some common mistakes that business intelligence managers and architects make when planning and designing a business intelligence system? BI managers and architects generally do […]
July 16, 2014

Analytics Talks in Boston – July 22

Introducing analytics in established companies can feel like the work of Sisyphus. Come to the TDWI Boston Chapter meeting on July 22 and learn how to […]
June 12, 2014

Meter Data Analytics and YarcData: Cray’s Big Data Strategy – TDWI Boston Meeting

Most of us come from a background of building or using traditional data warehousing and deploying mainstream BI reporting tools. We are hearing more and more […]
May 28, 2014

New Database Technologies Tackle the Analytics Deluge

Enterprises today are faced with a flood of data that they could never have imagined a decade ago. Yesterday’s CIO thought cell phones were just for […]
May 22, 2014

Cloud Apps are the new Data Shadow Systems

CIOs are expressing a concern about shadow IT in the “2014 State of the CIO Survey,” CIO Magazine, January 2014. Approximately half feel it is a […]
May 12, 2014

Land and Expand: The New Database Frontier

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 @ 4 ET The Briefing Room with Rick Sherman and MarkLogic Live Webcast — WebEx Code 8520  The increasing proliferation of data […]
May 6, 2014

Big data implementation checklist for analytics project managers

Big data analytics projects are at the top of the IT priority list for many organizations looking to wring business benefits out of all the data […]
April 28, 2014

Predictive Modeling for Data Scientists

From Descriptive to Prescriptive: Evolving Your BI Strategy watch the archived episode Business intelligence has traditionally focused on the past: What brought us to this point? […]
March 5, 2014

Why Spreadmart Awareness Pays Dividends – Thursday, 3PM DM Radio

I’ll be part of a DM Radio broadcast Thursday March 6, 3PM EST Program Description: Keep It Real: Why Spreadmart Awareness Pays Dividends The most pervasive […]
February 27, 2014

Good News for Economics Majors: You’re Hot

Here’s some good news for Economics majors. According to today’s Wall Street Journal: In-House Economists are Hot Again One of the reasons they are hot again […]
January 29, 2014

Spreadsheets vs. Analytical Nirvana

This post is part of a series on trends that highlight the two worlds of BI: the world where, according to industry pundits and vendors, enlightened […]
January 21, 2014

Best Value BI Trends — BI Embedded into Business Processes and Decision-making

This post is part of a series on trends that may have been around for years without many enterprises successfully implementing them, or they might be […]
January 17, 2014

BI Trends 2014 – Let’s Get Practical

This is an interesting time of year because there are many articles predicting the business intelligence (BI) trends for the New Year. Analysts from the top […]
October 10, 2013

Predictive analytics is not your father’s BI project, Part 2 – Battle between data completeness and quality

Predictive analytics and data visualization are data-hungry processes. An enterprise data warehouse is often a critical part of the data backbone that these processes crave. IT’s […]
September 24, 2013

Predictive analytics is not your father’s BI project, Part 1- who does what

Once an enterprise gets beyond the hype and sets out to implement predictive analytics, success will depend on how they approach it. As with anything new, our […]
September 23, 2013

TDWI Boston, Oct 3. Come Hear Google Talk about Infrastructure Enablers for Effective Large-Scale Data Pipelines

We cordially invite you to attend our upcoming TDWI Boston Chapter meeting on October 3, 2013. Come meet other local professionals, swap business cards, share ideas, and exchange career […]