Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Courses Fall 2008

TDWI Boston Chapter Meeting 9/29/08 – Master Data Management—The Intersection of Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Profiling
September 22, 2008
Business Intelligence Strategies in a Down Economy
September 25, 2008
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Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Courses Fall 2008

There's still room in our public data warehouse training courses for October and November. These are taught in Waltham, MA. If you don't live in the Boston area or don't want to get on a plane, we also offer onsite data warehousing courses (which can be customized to match the unique issues you're facing). Send me an email for details.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Project Management Training
October 6 – 7

Learn the skills you need to usher your projects through all phases of planning and implementation. The course provides a solid basis on: test data, metadata planning, data stewardship, governance, backup planning, ROI measurement, documentation, support preparation, user training, communications planning, and other elements of a successful data warehouse.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Architecture
October 27 – 28    

Learn basic data warehouse architecture concepts;  industry terminology; data integration; hub-and-spoke, federated, and independent architectures; top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid data warehousing methodologies; project management implications of various approaches; how to determine the best-fit architecture and methodology for your data warehousing program; best practices; and industry trends.   

Fundamentals  of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
November 17 – 18

Learn basic business intelligence and data warehouse concepts; industry terminology; critical success factors & risks; business intelligence applications, uses and users; data Integration Framework (DIF); data warehousing & business intelligence development processes; culture, politics & organizations; best practices; and industry trends.

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