Business Intelligence Appliances: Disruptive Technology or Distractions?

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May 21, 2007
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May 25, 2007
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Business Intelligence Appliances: Disruptive Technology or Distractions?

Data warehousing (DW) appliances aren’t the only hardware appliances shaking up the industry. New on the scene are business intelligence (BI) appliances, which also have the potential to change the status quo. Also shaking up the industry are renewed competitive pressures and the emergence of SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings.

Read about it in the BI Brief Business Intelligence Appliances: Disruptive Technology or Distractions?


  1. Rick,
    I don’t think that LucidEra sells an appliance. I think LucidEra is only a hosted (SaaS) offering.

  2. Rick Sherman says:

    You are correct that LucidEra offers only an On Demand BI (or SaaS) offering rather than a BI appliance.
    Two points:
    1) Cognos Now!, formerly Celequst, is offered both as a BI appliance (HW & SW) and as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or On Demand solution. It is interesting to note that prior to their acquistion by Cognos, Celequest also “quietly” provided the BI Appliance as a software only offering so that a partner or client could bundle its own hardware configuration.
    2) There are other On Demand software vendors who also “quietly” offer their solution as an On Premise option or appliance. Despite the benefits of a SaaS model there are some companies based on bandwidth, perceieved security/privacy or other policies/preferences/biases are more inclined to have the software On Premise.
    It’s great to have options.
    Rick Sherman

  3. Edith Ohri says:

    Hello Rick.
    The integration problem that you mention is the direct result of the conflict between DW application and CRM. On one hand there is the preplanned and well defined DW, and on the other – the random by nature and quite unstructured CRM.
    I think that this problem can be settled by simply using analytics that DON’T REQUIRE integration in the first place.
    If the analytics model is good, it should produce steady indicators that can be monitored by whateve control mechnism of the organization.
    The model I’m using is GT data mining. It is applied off line, once in a relatively long time, and can be run without Integration.
    Regards, Edith

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