The Business Intelligence Guidebook has been written for both BI professionals and students. Instructors for graduate and undergraduate classes will find that using the book as a textbook helps them offer a comprehensive, well-organized and information-packed course.

We have made several resources available to help instructors who:

  • are at accredited colleges,
  • use this as their text,
  • and require students to purchase copies.

Syllabus - this is highly-detailed and includes 15 weeks of topics, suggested workshops, reading assignments, homework and grading criteria. An included template guides the schedule for installing BI software that is required for projects and workshops.

Software used in BI and DW courses - a guide to the software author Rick Sherman uses in his classes (databases, data modeling, data integration and BI tools)

Presentation Slides - all figures and captions from the book are in this 243-page Powerpoint file, making it easy for instructors to mix and match with their own lesson slides.

Chapter quizzes - questions for testing students on the content of each chapter.

JPGs - all images used in the book are available as individual JPG files on the publisher's website.

The author is also willing, available time permitting, to offer advice on the book’s use as a part of curricula to qualified instructors using the book as part of a course curriculum.

Email us from your .edu email account to request instructor resources. Please provide a link to your bio so that we can verify you are an instructor.

Register with the publisher for a desk copy.