Some of the research firms that cover BI include:

View the specific reports and papers referenced in the book.

Many vendors sponsor industry analyst reports and provide them free on their websites. Below are links to pages on a sampling of vendors' sites where you can find recent reports. (If you are a vendor with a research page not linked below feel free to let us know.)

On some sites the reports are mixed in with whitepapers:

*reports are linked individually under the product pages

Below are a few specific reports offered by vendors and others:

Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing and BI Data

Data Integration

Industry Research and Papers Referenced in the BI Guidebook

Below are links to the sources of research, articles and papers referenced in the book. Some may require registration and/or payment.

Customer Data Should Be The Lifeblood Of Your Enterprise, Forrester Research

IBM What Is Big Data? – Bringing Big Data to the Enterprise

2014 State of the CIO Survey, CIO magazine

Gartner Predicts Business Intelligence and Analytics Will Remain Top Focus for CIOs Through 2017, Gartner

The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision Making, Capgemini and the Ecomomist

Big Data: The Organizational Challenge, Bain & Company

Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity, McKinsey Global Institute

Taming the Digital Dragon: The 2014 CIO Agenda, Gartner

TechRadar™: BI Analytics, Forrester Research

BI on BI: How to Manage The Performance Of BI Initiatives, Forrester Research