BI & On-Demand Indexes: Tech on a Run

BI & On-Demand Indexes: Weekly Update 6/19/2009
June 22, 2009
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June 24, 2009
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BI & On-Demand Indexes: Tech on a Run

Our business intelligence (BI) and on-demand software stock indexes have been on a strong run this year. As discussed, this has accompanied a overall market bounce from March lows and support high tech in its current leadership role in year-to-date performance.

MarketWatch in its market snapshot yesterday "Technology the brightest, most volatile star of stock market" commented on the tech sector. The article substantiated our earlier observations that tech is often an early stage leader but that the market, and tech, may have gotten ahead of itself. Caution in the near term is advised in this sector but long-term growth should be strong as we emerge from this recession.

The following chart listing S&P industry sector performance yesterday and YTD. The chart is derived from statistics from my favorite show to excercise to –  "Fast Money." The numbers were shown on the show and in "How Deep Will The Correction Get?"


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