Are You Prepared for the Q4 Push?

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September 20, 2007
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September 27, 2007
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Are You Prepared for the Q4 Push?

Now that you’re back "mentally" from the summer it’s time to focus on
your fall activities to prepare you for the Q4 push. But before you get
to the Q4 fire drills there is one big task ahead of you – planning for
next year and getting your budget approved.

We talked last time about connecting your data projects with business initiatives and I’d like to review the process in relation to getting your budget submission completed and approved.

It’s really a simple process, of course with a lot of politics
thrown in. (Sorry, but you’ll have to handle those yourself!) To play
the game you have got to understand what the business is planning both
strategically and tactically, as well as what programs or projects are
being planned and funded to those objectives. You’ve got to have a
queue of projects that you feel need to get done along with others that
you keep hoping there will be time and resources for someday. The time
is now.

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