An Honest View of Your EDW Assessment

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October 16, 2007
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October 30, 2007
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An Honest View of Your EDW Assessment

Let’s assume that you’ve got an Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW)
program in place. Now take an honest look. Is your EDW program going
well? Is it serving your business groups or are they constantly asking
for more?

And, no matter how successful you are, have you thought about what
you should do to take your EDW program to the next level to enable
time- and cost-effective information access and performance management

Want to get started answering these questions? I encourage readers to take Informatica’s free online enterprise data warehousing assessment and take a look at my recent white paper, A Case for Assessing Your Enterprise Data Warehousing Readiness.

Don’t worry, both are free!

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