Athena Solutions offers data warehousing and business intelligence consulting services. We will assess your current BI needs, perform evaluations and architectural reviews, and either jumpstart your project or provide full BI life-cycle development.

Many of our clients have staff or business users who need to learn more about maintaining or using their data warehouse, we also offer business intelligence & data warehouse training including basic and customized on-site. Our data warehouse vendor clients use our vendor services for competitive analysis, product assessments, white papers, and seminars.

The experts at Athena Solutions have over twenty years of business intelligence experience, having worked on over 100 successful projects in various industries such as financial services, healthcare, consumer product goods, retail, telecom and high tech.

What to Expect

Athena Solutions consultants have years of business intelligence and data warehousing experience to draw from to improve the design, implementation and operation of your data gathering and information analysis activities. We can do this by starting from scratch, but most often we determine how to best take advantage of your previous IT investments and incrementally improve your data ROI.

Our goal is to get the right staff in place for you to be successful. We usually work in small project teams with joint IT and business people from your company on the project team. If your project is large enough we might enable multiple teams to develop your data gathering and information analysis capabilities.

We work with you to get the right information to the right people, at the right time. We understand the futility of just gathering terabytes of data to be stored in large databases that business people are unable to access. And we know that a great analytical tool for business people is useless without the right data to analyze. We help you put your data to work so it delivers the ROI you need.