BI Myths, Trends & Hype

January 3, 2008

BI & DW Trends: 8 for ’08 The Song Remains the Same: Data Shadows Systems Continue to be Pervasive for Reporting and Analytics

I co-authored the TDWI report Strategies for Managing Spreadmarts: Migrating to a Managed BI Environment. In a survey we conducted in the fall of 2007 we […]
September 27, 2007

Peeking Behind the Curtain of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Hype

In the business intelligence and data warehousing industry we are continually inundated with new product categories and killer apps that are going to revolutionize what we […]
May 10, 2006

BI Myths: Business users have a severe case of tool envy

Not only do business users not have tool envy, they probably don’t even want to hear you talk about them. Tools and technology are not first […]